Sustainable Tourism.

Make optimal use of environmental resources, which are a fundamental element of tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural resources and biological diversity. In the present article it shows an alternative how tourist agencies can become sustainable in fact how they can go from the brown [...]

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Plastic Credits

Plastic credits zijn meetbare, verifieerbare en overdraagbare eenheden die een specifieke hoeveelheid plastic vertegenwoordigen die uit het milieu is gehaald of gerecycled. Hoe plastic credits ontstaan. Plasticvervuiling is een van de grootste milieuproblemen waarmee we momenteel worden geconfronteerd. Er wordt geschat dat er jaarlijks wereldwijd ongeveer 300 miljoen ton plastic [...]

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How to turn deserts into carbon sinks(Great Green Wall).

Recovering the fertility of soils and territory in addition to desertification, erosion and soil degradation means the transformation of eroded and degraded desert land into arable land. Ensuring food for thousands of people who die of hunger every year creates economic opportunities for new generations. Threat of deserts. Every year, [...]

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