Make optimal use of environmental resources, which are a fundamental element of tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural resources and biological diversity.

In the present article it shows an alternative how tourist agencies can become sustainable in fact how they can go from the brown economy into the green economy in any region around the world. The principal objectives are offering sustainable travelling at the same time invloed in the reduction of greenhouse gasses through forestry projects, blue carbon, mangrove replanting and green corridors thus ensuring that the only footprint that tourists leave is that their own footwear.

Therefore travelling agencies must comply and maintain their principles during the performance and enforcement of every travel in any region.

  • Meet customer needs while doing as little damage as possible to the planet
  • Be aware that traveling around the world involves, to some extent, polluting the air.
  • Raise awareness and work with Social responsible clients (RSC).

Sustainable agencies must be designed to create tourist experiences through the implementation of sustainable programs coupled with the sequestration of emissions and greenhouse gases from the atmosphere with the creation of a forest mass or the mitigation of their clients’ trips to through third parties. The use of low-emission cars such as electric or hydrogen are solutions that will provide the market with innovative initiatives for the global tourism sector since it is responsible for 8% of total global emissions.

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the current market if we combine ecotourism, social life, environmental education and direct contact with nature, the same statutes that B corps use to ensure that companies meet the highest standards of social, environmental and transparency performance. public and legal responsibility develops the bases for healthier tourism with zero emissions.

Taking into account studies carried out through surveys of different sectors of the population, it was determined that 60% of those surveyed felt highly attracted by the initiative of contributing to the care of the environment, in addition to the fundamental objective tourist element of the company. , particularly in underdeveloped countries where the elements of care and protection of the environment are below standards. The importance of traveling and not polluting the planet provides the advantages of sustainable and conscious tourism. Traveling to countries of different cultures and latitudes rich in fauna and natural vegetation are elements that actors highlight according to my travel experience. These surveys were evaluated and analyzed through the expert method which yielded satisfactory results, demonstrating a company of this nature. Positioning with elements of added value this very convulsive international market on the provision of international tourist services, which is why it was possible to verify the high degree of belonging to the actions of protecting the environment and the experience of traveling the world.

Expert methode.

Cuba Yerdys Tours/Zarahy Guerra.

It can be determined according to the expert method that the most representative elements are the following:

  • Lack of knowledge about the carbon and ecological footprint in Cuba.
  • Absence of an information base on companies that take into account the reduction of environmental pollution through sustainable tourism in Cuba.
  • When the analyzes are carried out in this regard, it has a low level of detail and breadth.

Conclusions of the analysis carried out:

As a result of the analysis of the limitations, the importance of a project or investment in a company that, in addition to promoting ecological or sustainable tourism, has in its fundamental objectives the care of the environment, with concrete actions, which are carried out by the person, is corroborated. who is receiving the service.

Experience that allows this business project to have a place in the international tourism services market and play a fundamental role in caring for the environment.

Objectives of a sustainable agency.

Creating an agency that promotes sustainable tourism is at the same time betting on reinvesting, subsidizing, allocating funds to generate a forest mass of a protective nature, giving this area a clear evolution of the current state and a use of the land that revalues it.

In this way, the sustainable agency will meet a double challenge:

1. Ratify your commitment to environmental sustainability.

2. Subsequently offset your carbon footprint with a CO2 sink.

-According to trees for all, it states that a flight from Amsterdam to Havana emits a total of 2.3 T/CO2.

Products/Services offered to satisfy needs.

  • Sustainable travel.
  • CO2 compensation services.
  • Creation of experiences.
  • Sale of forest wood.
  • Participate in sustainable reforestation and mangrove recovery projects
  • Support for people in danger of social exclusion.
  • Creation of green jobs.
  • Stop mass immigration with the introduction of sustainable tourism and the entry of foreign currency.
  • Make optimal use of environmental resources.
  • Respect the sociocultural authenticity of host communities.
  • Ensure viable long-term economic activities that contribute to poverty reduction.

Target audiences:

Providing tourist services with a carbon sequestration system, electric or hydrogen cars to satisfy the leisure needs of the market will mark a new stage in the future of people and even more so if organizations have a carbon compensation system to guarantee sustainable trips.

Sustainable agencies must be designed to carry out tourism without affecting the environment, conditioning the lowest volume of environmental pollution due to the transportation of clients, a solid commitment to reduce environmental problems caused by the excessive use of means of transportation in the tourism sector.

Delivering a new travel model and other products with a CO2 sequestration system is creating a new travel experience for socially responsible customers.

Developing an initiative of this magnitude will considerably influence the global carbon footprint as well as its reduction to 424.23 GT/CO2 that is scattered in the atmosphere or 8% of the total global emissions expelled from tourist trips.

Product Policy:

Maintain a high expectation of natural and cultural attractions through a wide range of programs and services that are useful and practical for traveling in Cuba. The first of them will be the offer of a Western program that is designed and well prepared for families with children up to 10 years of age since they will be able to visit easily accessible areas and their level of achievement is medium.

Sustainable Program (Example).

Composed of 10 nights in varied and attractive private homes and hotels where clients will be in direct contact with the people in Cuba since they are very sociable and always give you a warm welcome, in addition to learning about their daily activities, CEO´s bilingual or polyglot specialized in the sector in charge of providing all the necessary information and create experience about the country and knowing all its road networks and terrestrial paradises, that is, from its most important aspects to the least significant, also in cases of medical emergency or accident, they will provide all the necessary attention if necessary, the realization of these programs will be carried out in private transport to facilitate the routes of tourism with 0 emissions but that at the same time guarantee the safety and good comfort of the visitors, complying with the demands of the market.

When you arrive at the José Martí international airport ¨Cuba Yerdys Tour¨ staff will welcome you, provide you with all the information necessary at the time in addition to telling you where you are going in the country, there will not be so much information, because after 10 hours of flight on a plane, the clients are exhausted but they do inform you that the next day part of the team in charge will contact you to take a walk on foot within the historic center of Old Havana, visiting places of great interest and with great heritage and historical value-cultural.

This transfer in is done in a vintage car from the 1950´s to provide color and a good start to the tour. The city tour in Old Havana is carried out during the morning due to the warm and good climate that exists, also the morning day is the most suitable due to the best optimal use of the day. Starting in the morning it is done making the most of the day by being able to visit places of interest and various options, this tour has as its fundamental objective orientation above all since it is very important to center clients in the epicenter of the activity and from the base of the orientation to begin the activities with lots of information about the tour. It lasts 4 hours, mainly done on foot within the historic center of Old Havana with the opportunity to visit museums and guided tour centers, churches, convents, cathedral, squares, streets of great historical significance in the trip. Next day clients will have free time to enjoy on their own since we do not intend to cover all the time of people doing tourist activities here we seek self-determination on the part of the clients since sometimes they bring their own interests and places to visit.

On this day, the CEO who will accompany you during the tour and who will create pleasant experiences for you will pick up the electric car for the subsequent departure to Viñales with a subsequent excursion to the community of the terraces, declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Only 45 minutes from Havana where the community excursion is reserved, a very welcoming place and of singular importance since one of the great exponents of Cuban music Polo Montañez was born there, in addition to what it represents for the Cuban people as an example of benefactory of the Cuban government for helping the people who lived in that place since they lived in very poor living conditions because they had to cut down trees to making charcoal ovens for their subsistence and cutting down trees so much they deforested almost the entire place. Then, in order to reforest the place, the Cuban government had to carry out a large campaign of reforestation and construction of houses in the place. Today it is one of the most beautiful areas of Cuba, worth visiting for its emblematic color and green areas where ecology plays a fundamental role since its large area of forested areas provide the Cuban ecology with a large amount of oxygen and sequester a large amount of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. Arrival at Rancho Curujey, welcome cocktail and later a panoramic tour with a visit to the ruins of the Buena Vista coffee plantation where you will visit a 19th century coffee plantation with French influence on sunny days and with a little luck you will be able to see the national bird of Cuba. nests in those places, then they will visit Maria’s café, a Cuban woman who dedicated her life to building that community and other facilities. You can also visit the house of the musician Polo Montañez. Lunch at a local restaurant (Included) at the end of the tour and if you bring your swimsuits with you, you will be able to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the San Juan River. Continuation to Viñales 2H, Stop at the viewpoint of the Jazmines hotel to appreciate the beauty of the Viñales valley, continuation and accommodation in a private house. At night visit the area’s nightclub.

Breakfast in the private house. With the guide you will visit the places that you could not visit the previous day or if so and you have already visited you can continue with the tour, such as the prehistoric mural, Indian cave, hike in the Viñales valley known for its high elevations called mogotes with a wingspan of 400m and a height of 90m, formed millions of years ago, a region known as half-turned-up, a place where tobacco, one of the best in the world, is grown in extensive areas. Lunch and free time.

6th day. Have your swimsuit ready once again because you are going to visit a paradise not yet explored by many. Depart for Cayo Jutía beach. The road to the place is not in the best conditions but it is one of the most beautiful beach places in the West. of the island due to its color and naturalness, it is not widely exploited by Cuban personnel due to its distance from any cosmopolitan city. Lunch at a restaurant in the area. On the way back, you can enjoy other recreational options such as Canopy tour, Bicycle tour in Viñales.

7th day. Departure to the Bay of Pigs with the opportunity to discover some of the historical places of the Cuban revolution during the Cold War. Today it is one of the most important diving centers in the country, there you can swim and snorkel and appreciate the aquifer fauna of Cuba and feel how the Caribbean Sea embraces you like in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, a 100% natural place. The government keeps it protected and without companies that make irrational use of the area. Lunch on the road.

PS: Visit the Playa Girón museum for more information about the events that happened in this area. Accommodation in the area and night to enjoy.

8th day. Departure to the boat dock with the opportunity to make several stops to see the large expanses of sugar cane and have lunch. Varadero peninsula located north of the province of Matanzas, a place that has the most beautiful beaches in Cuba and America, enjoys great international recognition with more than 20 km of beaches that occupy a large area of the Atlantic Ocean. Accommodation and for the beach. That day the guide returns and does not spend the night with the clients.

9th day. Breakfast in a private home and day of sun and beach!

10th day. Breakfast at a private home and second day of sun and beach!

11th day. Havana or wherever the flight departs back to your country of origin.

Unfortunately your trip came to an end after breakfast saying goodbye to the white beaches and crystal clear waters of Varadero. We will organize a transfer for you back to Havana or wherever you fly. You will be on the way around 2.5 hours and we make sure that you arrive in time for check-in and boarding the plane, still with a taste of Cuba and its beautiful people. Your flight is a night flight and the next day you will land at the airport of your choice. .

If you want to extend your stay in Cuba, contact us. See our suggestions for basic items that can extend your stay.

Which is not included in the program.

  • International flights.
  • Visa.
  • Travel insurance.

Which is included in the program.

  • Transportation on site according to the program.
  • Overnight stays according to program.
  • Excursion to Las Terrazas.
  • Guided tours of mausoleums.
  • Guided tour in the following cities: Santa Clara, Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Viñales and Havana.
  • Several trips with local English-speaking tour guides.
  • Accommodations in private homes and hotels.
  • 3 nights, hotel in Varadero.
  • Bicycle tour in Camagüey.
  • CO2 compensantion.
Cuba Yerdys Tours

Mission: We want to be your favorite agency with 0 emissions, to do sustainable tourism and together enjoy special moments.

Vision: Consolidate leadership in the sustainable agency market, expanding its 0-emission services in all possible places to contribute to a cleaner planet and help protect the lives of future generations.

Sustainable development goal.

The change in consumer purchasing behavior towards more environmentally responsible consumption has caught the agency’s attention. The figure represents the model of the sustainable development objectives of the 2030 agenda to which the organization is committed, 5 of the 17 SDGs are shown, which are those that are related to the company’s strategy and the plan of action. development taking into account the environment. These SDGs include various factors that motivate companies to consider the environment in the development and social demand of consumers.

SDG #7






Sustainable agencies must enable the discovery of new worlds and at the same time offset CO2 from the atmosphere. 0 pollution.

The mission and vision of the company must be expressed in accordance with current and complex, global and competitive times.

Make optimal use of environmental resources that are a fundamental element of tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural resources and biological diversity.

This industry needs to be strengthened under sustainability policies and practices that ensure greater economic and social benefits and have fewer negative impacts on the environment and on the natural and cultural heritage of individual countries and the region as a whole.

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